Using the Right Paint Finish

Using the Right Paint Finish

Are you ready to paint your home? Using the right finishes in each room is very important when it comes to making the best impact in your home. Using the wrong finishes in the wrong spaces can backfire for home owners. Below, you’ll find a guide to paint finishes and where to use them.


Flat is a low-sheen paint with a non-reflective finish that hides minor surface imperfections.  It’s ideal for low traffic areas, textured interior walls and ceilings.

Matte has a low luster reflective finish that is durable, easy to clean, touches up well, and also hides minor surface imperfections. It is great for low- to moderate-traffic areas, such as bedrooms and hallways.

Eggshell Enamel has a soft, velvety appearance and is a good choice for moderate-traffic areas such as living rooms and family rooms.

Satin Enamel if you desire a pearl-like appearance, and are painting moderate- to high-traffic areas or areas that have some exposure to moisture such as kitchens.

Semi-Gloss Enamel if you desire a sleek, radiant sheen, use it for high-use areas such as furniture.

Hi-Gloss Enamel creates a brilliant, shiny appearance with a glass-like finish. This is great for high-traffic, high-moisture surfaces areas that you’ll want to clean easily such as cabinets and trim.

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