Why Use a Buyer’s Agent

Buying a home may be one of the biggest purchases you ever make in your life.
Once you have met with a lender and are pre-qualified,
the next step is to find a Realtor® to help guide you in your home hunt.

Latitude 58 Real Estate Group is pleased to help buyers navigate the potentially complicated and emotional process of purchasing a home.  Here are the top reasons to use a buyer’s agent:

It’s free!

When you work with a Realtor®, the seller pays the commission to both buyer’s and seller’s agents. Your Realtor® is an expert who is looking out for your best financial interests, an expert who’s contractually bound to do everything in their power to protect you.

Complex, ever-changing real estate regulations.

Realtors® are immersed in real estate, and they must stay current with all the updates in regulations, laws, contracts and practices. Once you retain your Realtor®, they put that knowledge to work for you.

Knowledge of the Market.

Realtors® know the local market, have access to the freshest sale data, and can advise you on the value of the home you’d like to purchase when it comes to making an offer and working through negotiations.

Contracts and negotiations.

Finding the right home is the fun part. Then the real work begins you’re your Realtor® helps you navigate the complex documents. When it comes to negotiation, your Realtor® works for you to get you the best deal and terms for your interest.

Following a code of ethics.

The Realtor® Code of Ethics ensures that consumers who work with a Realtor® are treated professionally and ethically in all transaction-related matters. This is why it is so important to have a licensed professional working for you!