Brightening Your Space

Brightening Your Space

Let’s face it, brightening up your space isn’t just for visual appeal, it can also help you feel better as you endure the dark winter months. As the end of summer approaches, that means that the days will begin to shorten. Lightening your space will help maximize the light you get every day, no matter how much daylight you have. Having a bright space not only looks better, but it can help you feel better too. Here are some ways to brighten your space.

Paint it!

You don’t need white walls to have a bright space. If you pick paint colors that are saturated but still light, your walls will still reflect light. Consider using a bright, soft sage, dusty yellow, or similar colors that can bring new life and extra light to your space.

Use Mirrors

If you have a room that gets natural light but just not enough, add mirrors! Strategically placing mirrors to reflect natural light will make that room come alive.

Keep Contrast

Don’t just paint every wall white. If every surface in your kitchen is white, it will get a little dull – and hard to maintain. Add a colorful backsplash or update your kitchen accessories to complement your white cabinets or walls.

Update Window Treatments

Your curtains may be stopping that natural light from entering your home. Consider replacing your window treatments with something sheer or semi-sheer, that will still provide privacy while allowing light in.

Forgo Ceiling Lights for Table and Floor Lamps

Turn on those floor and table lamps to create a brighter, cozier ambiance in your home. Ceiling lights have the tendency to make a room feel heavy, harsh, and closed off. Add lamps to the darker areas and corners of the room to brighten, liven, and open up the space.

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