Homes For Sale in Thane, Juneau

Homes for sale in Thane, Juneau are located south of the downtown area, along Thane Road. Real estate in this area consists primarily of single-family homes and cabins. This is a good area for people looking for isolation, as most of the homes have acreage and your nearest neighbors will be a fair distance away. Buyers here can be sure of peace and quiet on wooded lots, and most homes will have either water access, if they are on the water side of the road or water views (through the trees), if they are on the uphill side of the road.

Thane, Juneau Real Estate

The Thane area begins south of Franklin Street and stretches south, for five miles, to the end of the road. At the upper end, (close to downtown) you will find the area known as the “rock dump”, home to a cruise ship dock, a barge dock and an indoor rock climbing facility called, The Rock Dump. Further south you will find the Thane Campground and a fish hatchery. In terms of Thane, Juneau real estate, this is a forested area, with homes set among the trees. Most of the properties here are older and you will find a mix of small cabins and larger single-family homes.

Amenities Near Thane, Juneau Homes For Sale

Nature is the greatest amenity in the area of Thane, Juneau. Homes for sale here benefit from proximity to beautiful isolated beaches. It’s a great area for hiking, camping, bonfires and skipping stones on the beach. There is a beautiful hike at the end of the road called Dupont Trail. Children living in Thane attend Harborview Elementary, Dzantik’i Heeni Middle School and have a choice of either Thunder Mountain or Juneau Douglas High School.

Thane Road Real Estate Listings